With its long history and a rare blend of natural beauty, art and popular traditions, Terracina lies on the slopes of the mountains Ausoni facing the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Terracina was an Etruscan colony, a Volscian and Roman fortress of the Papal States and an important center of Reclamation of the Pontine Marshes: the archaeological and cultural heritage of the past is an extraordinary treasure you can notice among the streets of the city and the alleys of the old town.

Fifteen kilometres of golden sand draw the charming bay between the legendary Cape of Circe and the remains of the Temple of Jupiter Anxur. On the horizon the Pontine Islands peep in the clear sky. The sea, with its thousand shades of blue, is the best attraction for those who love a relaxing holiday in the sun as well as for those who prefer a more dynamic one and want to discover the amazing underwater depths with boat trips, sports and scuba diving.

Located at 102 km from Rome and 135 km from Naples, Terracina enjoys an excellent geographical position becoming the ideal destination for a stay that blends the interest about art with the rediscovery of a territory that hides unforgettable surprises: the natural masterpieces of the Circeo National Park and Coastal Lakes, the splendour of the Gardens of Ninfa, the sumptuous history of Sermoneta and Fossanova , the folklore of the inland villages, the typical Mediterranean atmosphere through the white architecture in Sperlonga and the fascinating Ulysses’s Coast Park.

We cannot forget to mention the most delicious sensorial experience of this trip offered by many gastronomic journeys inspired by the scents and colors of the land and the sea, together with high quality products, recipes and above all a real cult for conviviality.

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